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Q: What does the term "League Age" mean? How does Little League determine a child’s “League Age”?
A player’s “League Age” is not necessarily the same as their current age. You can determine your child’s League Age by using the Little League International age calculator. The player’s league age is critical in determining division assignment and All Star eligibility. 

Q: What are Little League Boundaries?
Players who both reside within and attend a school within a league’s boundary may use either residence or school attendance to qualify for eligibility in that league. Little League International establishes boundaries to maintain parity and ensuring that Little League remains a community based program. There is a waiver process, where parents can work with local leagues to provide additional opportunities for a child to participate in a league outside of where they live or go to school.

Q: Are parents expected to volunteer?
Yes. As a volunteer-based organization, NSLL requires that at least 1 parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. per child commits to volunteering a minimum number of hours to help run the league's various operations such as team manager, coaching, team parent, board member, score keeping, field maintenance, snack bar, or umpiring. The league determines the areas of need at the beginning of each season and will notify parents what the approved volunteer roles will be. The team manager, coach, team parent, and board member positions much more involved positions. If volunteering isn't for you, there is a buyout option for your hours. The number of hours will depend on enrollment for the season. See here for our Volunteer page.

Q: When is registration for the Spring season?
Registration for Spring Season starts in October.

Q: When does the Spring season start/end? 
A: The Spring season practices start in February, with the first games starting towards the beginning of March. The season ends at the end of May. 

Q: Why does registration open so far in advance of the season?
A: Registration opens so far in advance to allow us to prepare as much as possible. This includes things like ordering uniforms, arranging players into divisions, and organizing volunteers.

Q: When is registration for the Fall season?
A: Registration for the Fall season starts in early June.

Q: When does the Fall season start/end? 
A: The Fall season practices start in August with the first games being just after Labor Day.  The season ends just before Thanksgiving. 

Q: What do registration fees cover?
Registration fees typically cover your child's team jersey and hat (including personalization), belt and socks, our field use and maintenance costs, umpires (AA division and above only), team banners (Spring only), and your child's end-of-season award. This may change as prices fluctuate and the league adjusts accordingly.

Q: What is the refund policy?
NSLL will issue a full refund prior to January 1st for Spring and August 1st for Fall. After January 1st for Spring and August 1st for Fall, the refund will be reduced to 50%. If at the time of the request, a uniform has been ordered, NSLL will deduct the uniform cost from the refund (and you will still get the uniform). 

Q: What equipment will I be required to provide for my child?

A: You will need to provide a bat, glove, batting helmet, and white baseball pants for your child. If you need assistance, please email the Player Agent.

Q: What levels of play are provided in North Sunrise Little League?
A: We offer Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch (Single A), AA, AAA, Majors, Intermediate (50/70), Juniors, and Seniors. NSLL is one of only a couple leagues in our district that offer the full range of divisions. 

Q: I have no idea what level of play my child should be in. How do I decide?
If you are unsure of the level to put your child in, please review this page. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Player Agent

Q: Why are there evaluations and when will they be held? Does my child need to try out?
A: All registered players will be assigned to a team regardless of ability. With the exception of our T-ball division, all players must be evaluated. Evaluations give managers an opportunity to evaluate and assess each player's skill level; this helps make sure we place our players in the correct division / team.  Tryouts will test the basic hitting/fielding/throwing/running abilities of each player.

Q: What should we bring to evaluations?
A: Come prepared to play baseball. Players will need to bring their own glove and wear plastic/rubber cleats.  Players are also encouraged to bring their helmet and bat.  Helmets and bats will be available for those players that do not bring them. A baseball hat and pants are recommended.

Q: What happens in the draft?
A: The draft is where the managers of the competitive divisions (AA, AAA, Majors) pick their teams for the season. Managers make their player selections based off of evaluation notes and past seasons watching the players in the league. 

Q: Can I play with specific friends or for a specific manager/coach?
A: Friend and manager/coach requests can be made in the non-competitive and undrafted divisions (T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch) but are not guaranteed. For the competitive and drafted divisions (AA, AAA, Majors) friend and manager/coach requests cannot made in order maintain the competitive balance of teams.

When requested, we will make every effort to arrange non-competitive teams (T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch) based on friend and manager/coach requests, however based on the number of registered players for a division of play, it may not be possible in all situations.

Q: Can my child play up a division?
A: Yes, but players must attend evaluations AND be drafted for upper divisions (AA, AAA, Majors).

Q: Can my child play down a division?
A: Yes, players can play down a division as long as there are no safety concerns.

Q: My child has never played before? Will they be ok?
A: Yes. NSLL strives to provide a safe and appropriate environment for players of all ages and skill levels to learn how to play baseball. The best way to learn the game is to play!

Q: What equipment / apparel does the league provide?
Jersey, hat, socks, and belt will be provided by the league. Managers will be given all of the equipment they will need for the season. 

Q: Who manages/coaches the teams?
A: Managers, Coaches, and Team Parents are volunteers. They are mostly parents. All Managers, Coaches and Volunteers that have regular contact with players are required to complete and pass a background check.

Q: What kinds of bats are allowed?
A: Little League rules require that non-wood and laminated baseball bats are used in Little League Majors and below. Refer to the Official Little League site for all but rules and information. Visit for the full and up to date approved bat list.

Q: When are teams announced?
Teams are announced at Cap Night (end of January) every year. 

Q: When does the season start?
 Practices for the spring season may officially begin early February with Opening Day taking place in early March each year.

Q: When does the Spring season end?
A: The Spring season generally ends mid to late May. There are tournaments that start directly after the season ends.

Q: How many times/week are games & practices?
A: For most divisions there will be about 2 - 3 team meetings per week (Example: 2 practices with 1 game, or 1 practice and 2 games). This can be increased in our older divisions and decreased in our lower divisions. Practices may be held Monday through Friday. Spring season practices generally start mid February.

Q: Where will practices be held?
 Practices are generally held at Handy Park in Orange.  

Q: When are Games Played?
A: Schedule will vary but during the Spring Season expect to play 1 to 3 games a week Monday through Saturday.

Q: Where are the games played?
A: Home games are played at Handy Park (2143 Oakmont Ave, Orange). Away games can be played within at South Sunrise Little League, Tustin Eastern Little League, Tustin Western Little League, and Villa Park. Fall ball games can extend to North East Santa Ana Little League and Anaheim Little League.

Q: Where can I find the rules for Little League baseball?
A: Little League Rules & Regulations can be found here.  In addition to Little League International's Rules, there are local rules that do not supersede any rule that has been outlined by the official rules of Little League Baseball.

Q: Any other questions or concerns? 
A: Please reach out to our President, Player Agent, or Volunteer Coordinator.  

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