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North Sunrise Little League: City Tournament
2011 - Orange City Tournament (Click here for District 30 Tournament Information)

 Angels  bye  loss to OL Indians (11-4)    loss to AH Red Sox (6-1)
 Dodgers  defeated AH Dodgers (6-3) wp: Vasquez  loss to VP White Sox (18-3)     loss to VP Yankees  (4-0)
 Giants  Loss to SS Rays (3-2)  loss to AH Giants (7-0)    defeated AH Royals (7-0) wp: Mattson (Combined NH (Banuelos))
 Pirates  Loss to OR Phillies (12-2)  loss OL Dodgers (4-1)    defeated OL Padres (1-0) wp: Grogan

 Angels  Loss to OR Cardinals (11-1)  loss to OL Cardinals (11-8)  vs VP Reds  
 Dodgers  defeated VP Angels (14-13) wp: Garrett  loss to SS Yankees (7-6)  defeated VP Yankees (5-3) wp: Garrett  vs OR Cardinals
 Giants  Loss to AH Giants (10-4)  defeated AH Giants (12-8)  vs AH Cubs  
 Padres  Loss to VP Yankees (9-2)  loss to AH Yankees (12-2)    Forfeit by AH Red Sox  
 Pirates  defeated AH A's (11-6, 7 innings) wp: Chavis  Loss to SS Reds (10-5)  defeated AH Cubs (9-0) wp: King  

 Angels  loss to SS Rays (12-5)  loss to AH Yankees (9-6)  vs TBD
 A's  loss to VP Giants (4-1)  loss to OR Dodgers (11-3)  vs OR Giants
 Dodgers  loss to AH Dodgers (7-1)  vs OR Angels      vs OR Cardinals
 Giants  forfeit by AH Padres  loss SS Pirates (9-3)  vs OL Angels
 Padres  defeated OR Giants (9-7)  loss to AH Cubs (9-6)  vs OL Dodgers
 Pirates  loss to AH Giants (16-11)  loss to VP Whitesocks  (7-4)     defeated VP Yankees (10-8) wp: Hunt