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2020 Spring Registration
by posted 10/27/2019



Hi Parents and Coaches 




Spring baseball season is coming soon and we wanted to let everyone know a couple things moving forward


REGISTRATION - Spring registration is open on the North Sunrise Little League website: 





AGES/TRYOUTS - For those who are unfamiliar with the process, the AA-Majors divisions determine their teams by a Draft process, All kids are required to tryout and then are selected to teams based on a variety of factors (Skill, Experience, Attitude, ETC.)



Tryouts will be held on Saturday Jan 4th, with Make-Ups on Saturday Jan 11

(Please try your best to make the main tryouts held on Saturday Jan 4th) 


For the spring season your child's LEAGUE AGE is whatever age they are on AUG 31 2020


Ages 8-12: Tryout are MANDATORY 

Age 7: We highly recommend that all 7 year olds try out UNLESS this is their first time playing 

Age 6: If you have played T-ball before we recommend Single A, for first time players we recommend T-Ball 

Age 4-5: We recommend T-Ball, some 5 year olds will be allowed to play Single A if they are experienced 



North Sunrise Little League (As well as all little league organizations in the USA) has adopted the USA bat standard to increase both competitiveness and safety. The new bats will have more of a wood bat feel and effect. The league will be providing each team with a valid and usable bat However many parents will want to get their child their own bat that fits their height and weight more precisely. Here is what you need to know when it comes to bats 


ONLY bats with the USA stamp will be eligible to use. 


BE CAREFUL:  There are 2 different barrel sizes: 2 1/4 and 2 5/8 

IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON PLAYING DOUBLE A OR HIGHER YOU NEED TO GET THE 2 5/8TH BARREL. I know this may seem like something small, but trust us when we say using the smaller barrel bat will put them at a significant disadvantage.




Gloves are really up to you, make sure the glove is not too small or too big for the child's hand. When it comes to youth gloves we prefer Wilson because they are extremely easy to break in. ( Rawlings offers the highest quality gloves however they take time and a specific method to break in properly) Wilson allows for an immediate use of the glove.


Here are 2 affordable options:


Ages 7-12




Ages 4-7




If you are interested in Coaching/Managing or have any Questions or Concerns regarding ANY of the information listed above, Don't hesitate to contact our Vice President Skyler Miller @   OR 714-420-3176 



NSLL Board of Directors


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