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Little League Community Unite!

Little League Families,


Earlier today we were met with some unfortunate news, one of North Sunrise's very own James Mugno, Age 11, was diagnosed with Leukemia.


He is currently in the hospital going through a battery of tests, and will be battling through chemo over the next 3 years.  This fundraiser is being setup to support James’ fight against the disease.  Jim, James’ dad, has routinely made the comment to me that “it takes takes a village” to support our kids.  It’s time for our village to support James and his family at this difficult time. James who is a great baseball player also has a huge passion for Basketball. Please help us put on a “Full Court Press for James” in his battle against Leukemia.


James is the type of kid every coach would love to have on their team.  He is respectful to coaches, players, and umpires/referees, works hard and hustles, listens, and displays a great attitude and sportsmanship.  A coach couldn’t ask for anything more.  James’ dad, Jim, is actively involved in all our community’s youth sports programs, helping to raise awareness and participation, as well as capturing the memories of all of our kids with his camera as they play in the respective programs.


The Go Fund me link is provided below, or you can search for James Mugno on the Go Fund me website.  Any donation, no matter how small (or big!), is greatly appreciated.





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by posted 10/21/2019
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