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Little League Baseball and Softball

Dear Little League Volunteers,

With the news of the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to contact you all directly to inform you that we are taking this situation very seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely, and we are advising all our leagues to follow the guidelines set by the World Health OrganizationCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your state’s public health department (click here for a listing of state public health departments), and other county and/or local authorities including area school districts and government agencies.

We encourage all those that are actively participating in their Little League seasons – including players, volunteers, families, and fans – to follow the best practices as outlined by the CDC, which include washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (if soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer); avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; and avoid close contact with people who are sick. We would also encourage you all to limit close, physical contact with others (including shaking hands). Click here to learn more about the CDC recommendations

Leagues should consult the appropriate county and/or local authorities regarding recommendations on how to proceed with large gatherings of people.

Also, if you or your child are ill; have a fever, cough, or respiratory condition; have a compromised immune system; are in any other group that may be at an increased risk of contracting a virus like the coronavirus; or have recently traveled to a country listed on the CDC’s Risk Assessment by Country, we encourage you or your child to refrain from Little League-related activities until cleared by your healthcare provider.

Local Little League programs are encouraged to exercise utmost precaution following the guidance of local, state and federal health agencies. In addition, cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces and shared equipment that your league utilizes; tipping caps instead of shaking hands at the end of a game; making sure all players have their own water/drink bottles and are not sharing; and, if any volunteers are uncomfortable or cannot attend a league or district meeting, utilizing free phone/web conferencing service, are some alternative ways that leagues can help follow best practices while this health concern remains.

If your league or district is taking proactive, preventative measures in regards to the coronavirus in your area, and delaying or altering its schedule or season, we ask that you please notify Little League International by emailing  .

As the situation continues to develop, Little League International will do our best to continue to keep our leagues, volunteers, and families informed. 


Stephen D. Keener

Stephen D. Keener
Little League President and CEO



Welcome to North Sunrise Little League!

We at North Sunrise are dedicated to make our league a place where all

players and families enjoy coming to learn sportsmanship and play the game of baseball.


We Believe in TRADITION

We Believe in HONOR

We Believe in CLASS

We Believe in HISTORY

We Believe in PASSION




Little League Angels Day - Sunday, April 5th!!!

by posted 02/18/2020

It looks like Santa visited NSLL today!
It's beginning to look a lot like Baseball!  We received a delivery today of dozens of NSLL logo baseballs


by posted 12/07/2013
Field Status
NSLL - #1 Major - Orange TBD (4/4) 
NSLL - #2 AAA - Orange TBD (4/4) 
NSLL - #3 AA North - Orange TBD (4/4) 
NSLL - #4 AA South - Orange TBD (4/4) 
NSLL - #5 Single A - Orange TBD (4/4) 
NSLL Batting Cages - Orange TBD (4/4) 
NSLL Fields - Orange TBD (4/4) 
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Little League Pledge

I Trust In God

I love my country

and Respect its Laws

I will play fair

and Strive to Win

but Win or Lose

I Will always do my best 

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