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NSLL Update

Hello Parents,

LL World Series
As I am sure many of you have heard, Little League International made the decision to cancel their annual World Series recently and we wanted to update you on the current state of the leagAue and potential resumption of the season. 
State Of Spring 
LL International has instructed us to follow CDC and our state guidelines moving forward, but has recommended continuing the season as soon as safe to do so. For the time being all our permits are suspended until May 31st at the earliest. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our families, so while we will do all in our power to restart the season and get the kids back on the field, we are waiting to hear more from our city, county, and state. 
Our ideal scenario would be to pick the season back up before July, but also understand that may not be possible. For now we ask that you stand pat and be as patient as possible until we are given more concrete information. 
Next Steps 
We hope to have a definite decision within the next 4 weeks as to if we are planning to restart or if the season will have to be cancelled. At that point we will go over the next steps in regards to potential refunds, credits, and future fall or spring seasons. With that being said, you should receive the news on our plans at some point in June.
Angels Day 
We have been informed that Angel Day will not be rescheduled by Angels Baseball. All payments for Angel Day tickets were made via credit card, so we will be issuing refunds as soon as the money is returned to us.
We hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there during these tough times. We will provide more updates as soon as we are given more information.
North Sunrise LL Board Of Directors A

It looks like Santa visited NSLL today!
It's beginning to look a lot like Baseball!  We received a delivery today of dozens of NSLL logo baseballs


by posted 12/07/2013
Field Status
NSLL - #1 Major - Orange TBD (5/30) 
NSLL - #2 AAA - Orange TBD (5/30) 
NSLL - #3 AA North - Orange TBD (5/30) 
NSLL - #4 AA South - Orange TBD (5/30) 
NSLL - #5 Single A - Orange TBD (5/30) 
NSLL Batting Cages - Orange TBD (5/30) 
NSLL Fields - Orange TBD (5/30) 
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